Assault Weapon Bill Held By Committee

August 15, 2012

Loophole will continue to put public at risk, undermines state’s assault weapon law
SACRAMENTO – Despite overwhelming support from gun control advocates, the California Nurses Association, the California Medical Association, and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the Assembly Appropriations Committee has decided to hold a bill that would have closed a major loophole in the state’s assault weapon ban.

SB 249, authored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) – which had earlier been approved in the Assembly Public Safety Committee – was expected to receive a hearing tomorrow and be approved by the Appropriations Committee.

SB 249 would have prohibited assault weapons with pistol grips, telescoping stock, or certain other features from having devices known as “bullet buttons” and “mag magnets,” which allow semi-automatic weapons to be easily reloaded with multiple rounds of ammunition.

“I am deeply disappointed that the bill is being held by the Appropriations Committee,” said Yee. “My greatest fear is that another senseless act of violence will happen before the loophole is closed. Despite the gun lobby’s efforts to derail common sense legislation, I will not give up this fight.”

“When California enacted our assault weapon law there was no intention of allowing such easily changeable magazines on military style weapons,” said Yee. “It is imperative that we close this loophole as soon as possible, either through legislation or new regulations at the Department of Justice.”

“We must stop unscrupulous gun manufacturers from circumventing California’s Assault Weapons Ban by modifying them with ‘bullet buttons,’” said Amanda Wilcox, Legislation and Policy Chair for the California Brady Campaign. “In California, you can now buy the ‘bullet button’ version of the AR-15 used by the Aurora shooter to gun down 70 people in a movie theater.”


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