Huge Turnout From Voters Who Registered Online

December 07, 2012

Counties experienced double digit increase in turnout from those who used Senator Yee’s online voter registration law

SACRAMENTO – Early numbers show that those who registered to vote using the new online system were significantly more likely to cast a ballot in the November election. In fact, many counties show a double digit increase in voter turnout from those who used the online registration system made possible by a law authored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo).

While the data from some counties is still being processed, Political Data Inc. (PDI) – the state’s largest bipartisan election data firm – has released figures for several jurisdictions.

According to PDI, turnout was 84.7 percent in Sacramento County from those who registered online – 10 percentage points higher than the county average.

Orange County saw similar numbers: those who registered to vote online turned out at 82 percent versus the county average of 72 percent.

Fresno County saw an even larger uptick in turnout among those who registered online: 78.2 percent turnout for online registration voters versus the county average of only 57.7 percent – more than a 20 percentage point difference.

“I could not be more pleased with the results of online voter registration,” said Yee. “The numbers are overwhelming. Not only were we able to increase turnout among those who registered online, but we significantly increased participation among young people and first time voters.”

61.5 percent of those who used the online registration system were under age 35 (30.8 percent age 18-24, 30.7 percent age 25-34) and 79 percent registered to vote for the first time. Online registration had a partisan tilt with 48.9 percent of new voters registering as Democrats, 19 percent as Republicans. This 29.9-point Democratic advantage is double the overall partisan registration spread.

California now has a record setting 18,245,970 registered voters.

Democrats now account for 43.7 percent of the California electorate (7,966,422), whereas Republicans account for 29.4 percent (5,356,608).

It is now estimated that 22.3 percent of registered California voters are Latino, 9.2 percent are Asian Pacific Islander, and 3.9 percent are African American. Estimates from PDI show that 19.4 percent of voters were born outside of the US.


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