Yee Commends Andresen, Local Boy Scout Chapter for Challenging Ban on Gay Scouts

January 08, 2013

Local chapter approves Andresen’s Eagle Scout application

SAN FRANCISCO – Last October, Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) called on the Boy Scouts of America to end their policy discriminating against gays and to bestow the title of Eagle Scout to Ryan Andresen of Moraga, a scout who was denied the honor simply due to his sexual orientation.

Nearly three months later, the Mount Diablo-Silverado Boy Scout Council has now approved Andresen’s application, challenging the National Boy Scouts of America ban on gay scouts and leaders.

“I commend the local chapter for doing the right thing,” said Yee. “More importantly, I congratulate Ryan on his accomplishment and for never giving up this fight. He is a hero, not only to other young LGBT individuals, but to all of us who believe in equal rights.”

“It is now imperative that the National Boy Scouts approve Ryan’s application,” said Yee. “If the Boy Scouts continue their discriminatory policies, this organization will be left behind as a relic of the past, and future generations will lose an opportunity to learn, grow, and become responsible and conscientious citizens.”

In his letter to National Boy Scouts of America President Wayne Perry, Yee wrote: “I ask that Ryan Andresen receive the honor that he has worked so hard for. To deny him the title of Eagle Scout denigrates his efforts, and cheapens the title for his fellow Eagles. To hold him to a different standard; to say he is unworthy of this honor because of his sexual orientation is as offensive and un-American as it would be to do so because of the color of his skin.”

“I hope you immediately and completely end your policy of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation,” wrote Yee. “You have an opportunity here to prove that the Boy Scouts of America is open to all who wish to be a part of its grand traditions. Please do not throw it away.”


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