Senator Ashby's Legislation

Legislation 2024


  • SB 739 Elk Grove Zoo 
    SB 739 allows the City of Elk Grove to utilize Construction Manager At-Risk construction contracts for the Sacramento region’s new zoo in Elk Grove.

  • SB 963 Human Trafficking Prevention Program 
    SB 963 requires the implementation of self-identifying human trafficking and domestic violence programs in acute care hospitals, ensuring we have a unified approach in addressing the needs of victims through patient-centered and trauma-informed care. 

  • SB 970 AI Protections 
    SB 970 establishes a legal framework for regulating artificial intelligence voice, image, and video cloning technology.

  • SB 989 Suspicious Deaths: Investigations for Domestic Violence Victims
    SB 989 adds any death with a history of domestic violence as a suspicious death case and expands the rights to request an autopsy to family members.

  • SB 1000 Tech Harassment Protections for Domestic Violence Victims 
    SB 1000 requires companies to sever digital access of electronic devices and apps on a user’s phone to known domestic violence abusers when notified by a survivor.

  • SB 1005 Youth Peer Courts 
    SB 1005 allows probation the option to offer a youth peer court program for youth in the juvenile justice system.

  • SB 1035 Restitution Reform 
    SB 1035 will better ensure victims are properly compensated and receive their payments in a timely manner by reforming the current structure of restitution payments – while also easing the burden for people trying to reintegrate back into their communities, pay off their debt, and move forward with productive lives.

  • SB 1058 County Park Rangers
    SB 1058 grants county park rangers and housing authority patrol officers the same protections and rights afforded to other law enforcement agencies with regard to workers’ compensation and disability protections, ensuring parity across the entire state.

  • SB 1110 Maintaining Cost Effectiveness in Water Efficiency 
    SB 1110 clarifies under the Water Board enforcement authority that the Water Board may, at their discretion, reduce the water use efficiency saving requirement by an equal or lesser amount if an agency can show an equal or greater amount of water reliability through a lower-cost alternative.

  • SB 1139 Sacramento Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) Deadline Extension 
    SB 1139 allows the City and County of Sacramento and SAFCA to extend their deadline for flood control projects to 2030, in order to ensure they can finish them on schedule. 

  • SB 1180 EMS Drop Off Reimbursement Rates
    SB 1180 requires reimbursement coverage for services provided by a community paramedicine, triage to alternate destination, or mobile integrated health program to be included in health plans issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2025

  • SB 1313 Autonomous Driving Devices 
    SB 1313 better curbs the misuse of driver monitoring safety technology by prohibiting the use and sale of manufactured and homemade devices used to interfere with the safety system.

  • SB 1439 Surplus Land Act Exemption for Health Facilities
    SB 1439 exempts health facilities from the Surplus Land Act, which will allow Sutter Hospital to expand their new health facility.

  • SB 1464 Cardiology Procedures in Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    SB 1464 allows ambulatory surgery centers that do not offer cardio procedures but are licensed to provide cardiac lab service to remain in the Elective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Program.

  • SB 1477 Transparency in Educational Standards 
    SB 1477 clarifies current rules for non-classroom based instruction facilities and makes clear the schools must abide by them.

  • SB 1498 Cannabis Advertising PRA 
    SB 1498 allows parents or guardians to sue for violations of existing state law that prohibit cannabis advertising from being attractive to children.

  • SB 1502 Controlled Substances: Xylazine
    SB 1502 adds Xylazine (also called “Tranq” or the “zombie drug”), a tranquilizer linked to overdose deaths, to the list of controlled substances.