Legislative Update

Dear Senate District 8,


A few updates and some fast facts as we close out the last few days of session. Yesterday, the Legislature held the last Appropriations Committee hearing of the year. And over the past two weeks, the Legislature has been reviewing all the bills that have come this far. Here’s where we stand right now with our legislative package.


I am so proud of our Senate District 8 Legislative Team. 

Here’s a quick Legislative Update:


Legislation Signed by the Governor

SB 307: Fostering Futures, The Patric Brian Ashby Act  (Making College Debt Free for Current and Former Foster Youth)

SB 307 expands the Middle Class Scholarship program to allow foster youth enrolled in a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, transfer pathway, or career technical program at a UC, CSU, or a community college to have 100% of their unmet need covered, including books, food, and housing. SB 307 is jointly authored by Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg).

Supporters include: John Burton Advocates for Youth (Sponsor), California Chamber of Commerce, California Court Appointed Special Advocate Association, California Professional Firefighters, California Teachers Association, Natomas Unified School District, Youth Law Center

SB 307 was folded into 2023-2024 Budget. For information about Free College for Eligible Foster Youth, click here.

SB 147: The Fully Protected Species: California Endangered Species Act

SB 147 establishes a robust permitting process for specific projects under the California Endangered Species Act, and protects environmental mitigation efforts.

SB 788: Cider & Perry Manufacturing

Eliminates barriers for small craft breweries to be licensed to produce both cider and perry.

Supporters include: California Craft Brewers Association (Sponsor), Sacramento Area Brewers Guild, Bay Area Brewers Guild, San Diego Brewers Guild

Legislation on the Governor’s desk

SB 374: Firefighter Memorial Park Restoration Act

Increases funding for the California Fire Foundation to renovate and update the California Firefighters’ Memorial in Capitol Park.

Supporters include: California Professional Firefighters (Sponsor), California Fire Chiefs Association, Fire Districts Association of California, League of California Cities

SB 321: Youth Literacy Act

Directs the State Library to facilitate partnerships between local public libraries and elementary schools to improve third grade reading levels.

Supporters include: Sacramento County, Sacramento County Public Law Library, California Catholic Conference, California Library Association, California School Library Association, and League of California Cities  

SB 731: Return to Office Employee Notification Act

Requires employers in California to provide at least 30 days' notice to employees who work remotely before requiring them to return to in-person work. This notice period would give employees the flexibility to manage their work and family responsibilities effectively, including childcare, request continued remote work through disability accommodations, or find alternative employment.

Supporters include: Association of California State Employees with Disabilities, California Catholic Conference, California Employment Lawyers Association, Consumer Attorneys of California, Disability Rights California, National Association of Social Workers, and California Chapter, The Arc, United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration

SB 314: Sacramento County Independent Redistricting

Creates an independent citizens redistricting commission to draw district boundaries for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors beginning in 2030.

Supporters include: AAPIs for Civic Empowerment-Education Fund, California Environmental Voters

SB 350: Student Support for Mental Health and Bereavement

Increases the amount of days that a student shall be excused from school when the absence is for attending funeral services, grieving the death of the student’s immediate family member, or obtaining victim services for violence or abuse.

Supporters include: California for Safety and Justice (sponsor), Genup (sponsor), Anti-recidivism Coalition, California Catholic Conference, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, John Burton Advocates for Youth, National Association of Social Workers, and California Chapter

SB 659: California Water Supply Act of 2023

This bill prioritizes groundwater storage and directs the Department of Water Resources to advance increased storage as a priority to avoid water shortages during drought.

Supporters include: Association of Winegrape Growers (co-sponsor), Regional Water Authority (co-sponsor), California Blueberry Association, California Chamber of Commerce, California Citrus Mutual California, Cotton Ginners and Growers Association California, Fresh Fruit Association, California Grain & Feed Association, California Walnut Commission, Councilmember Katie Valenzuela, District 4, City of Sacramento, Plant California Alliance, Western Agricultural Processors Association, Wine Institute California, Association of California Water Agencies, and California Apple Commission

SB 578: Trauma-Informed Harm Reduction Model

SB 578 seeks to reduce the harm a child endures by requiring a trauma-informed analysis be provided to judges in advance of any decision to remove a child from their home. Judges will make a more informed decision in the best interest of the child when given more information to weigh what the safest and healthiest outcome is, given all that is happening in the life of the child.

Supporters include: California Judges Association (Co-Sponsor), Juvenile Court Judges of California (Co-Sponsor), ACLU California Action, California Catholic Conference, California Lawyers Association, Family Law Section, National Center for Youth Law, Western Center on Law & Poverty, and Young Women's Freedom Center



This week wrapped up the first year of this legislative session—our team is proud of our progress thus far. For more information about the California Legislative Process click here. If my office can provide assistance, please call (916) 319-0309.


As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve.





For more information, visit Senator Ashby’s Website here or find her on Twitter at @SenatorAshby.