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Cosumnes Fire: Work Continues on Cutting Long Hospital Waits

ELK GROVE, CA (MPG) - Cosumnes Fire Department officials on May 15 provided an update on the time its ambulance crews spend waiting for hospitals to accept patients. The issue, which can occupy medical personnel for long periods of time, came up at the regular Cosumnes Community Services District board meeting.

Looking at regional and state attempts to address the issue, Kasparian said Sacramento County recently allowed transport to destinations besides hospitals, such as mental health facilities.

Senate Bill 1180, authored by State Sen. Angelique Ashby, D-Sacramento, would allow the department to be reimbursed for transport to alternate destinations.

“With regards to the entire county and the APOT times, I think it’s holding pretty steady,” Kasparian said. “We’re seeing a couple minutes’ changes here and there. Some of the hospitals are doing much better than they have in the past, but overall, I think we still have a long way to go.”

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